Pub Ad: The Subject with Enormous Benefits in the UPSC Preparation

Students preparing for the UPSC have to go through various crucial stages during the process. One such critical phase is choosing the appropriate optional subject for the Mains Examination. Several factors such as, the scoring nature of the subject, availability of study material, interest and background of the student etc. need to be taken under consideration, while selecting the optional subject. Students must take the decision with optimum precision, so that they don’t regret later. Amidst the list of subjects given for selection, Public Administration is considered to be the most popular optional subject among UPSC aspirants. In 2012, almost 50% of the candidates opted for Pub Ad as their optional subject. Due to its reputation as a good scoring subject and its profound presence in the General Studies Syllabus, many aspiring candidates find Public Administration apposite to be their optional subject for the UPSC Mains Examination. It has been visible that students with Pub Ad as their optional have brighter prospects to become a Civil Service Officer. Nevertheless, to do well and score in the subject, one needs to go beyond the general content and gain precise knowledge about the subject matter. Institutions like Unique Shiksha can help students get to the root of the subject and attain absolute knowledge of the topics involved.

Public Administration is regarded as an easy subject among others, which makes it more lucrative for aspiring candidates. Compared to other optional subjects, questions in Pub Ad are quite straight forward and thus, create a good scoring possibility. Analysing the question papers of past years, we can say that almost 60% of the General Studies Curriculum is based on this subject. So, it becomes extremely feasible for students to choose Pub Ad as their optional for better prospects. Moreover, the subject also helps students in their Essay Paper and more importantly, in the IAS Interview, where most of the questions are based on Public Administration. Candidates with Public Administration as their optional can leverage the subject’s potential to become a competent Civil Service Officer. The subject imparts basic knowledge about the government mechanism, which helps students to become proficient government administrators of tomorrow.

The UPSC syllabus for Pub Ad consists of Administrative Theory and Indian Administration. In Paper-1, under Administrative Theory, topics such as Introduction to Administrative Theory, Administrative Thought, Administrative Behaviour, Organisations, Accountability and Control, Administrative Law, Comparative Public Administration, Development Dynamics, Personal Administration, Public Policy, Techniques of Administrative Improvement and Financial Administration are included, in order to give students an overall gist of Public Administration theories and principles. While the Paper-2 carries questions based on Evolution of Indian Administration, Philosophical and Constitutional Framework of Government, Public Sector Undertakings, Union Government and Administration, State Government and Administration, District Administration since Independence, Plans and Priorities, Civil Services, Financial Management, Administrative Reforms since Independence, Rural Development, Urban Local Government, Law and Order Administration and Significant Issues in Indian Administration. This paper makes students aware of the Indian Administrative System. So, it implies that Public Administration is meant to give candidates a sense of administrative system in the country and the world as a whole, which helps students in the long run as administrative officers.

Despite the advantages, the subject has a few detriments. The subject may not intrigue students belonging to Science background, as Public Administration is mostly based on theories. Another shortcoming of this subject is that there is a massive competition, as most of the aspiring candidates choose Pub Ad as their optional subject. Institutions like Unique Shiksha have the ability to provide students a leading edge to compete the race to become a Civil Service Officer. Unique Shiksha, in order to maintain its reputation, offer students guidance with the best of resources available. Owing to its alliance with the oldest publisher for UPSC Books, the course material given by this institution is regarded as the epitome of knowledge for UPSC preparation. The institution has a team UPSC Experts, who have immense knowledge about the Civil Services Examination selection process. These domain experts help students with all the doubts and queries they have during the preparation. With the help of their excellent study material and efficient training techniques, a candidate can surely hope for success in the UPSC Examination. So, if you are an IAS aspirant and want to clear the coveted exam with élan, join Unique Shiksha and let the world know of your potential.