Choosing the Optional Subject the Right Way

Choosing the optional subject for UPSC is considered to be an enigmatic problem by most of the aspiring civil servants. This timeworn dilemma has made many students face obstacle in cracking the UPSC Examination. Although, the optional paper only carries 500 marks out of 2025, yet its significance as a deciding factor in the final result cannot be curbed. So, students should consider a few aspects before making any decision. Let us go through these aspects and get a clear idea.

Subjects with Defined Syllabus

Students, while opting for the optional subject, should look for subjects that have a specific curriculum for the UPSC Examination. Subjects like Geography and Pub Ad have a defined syllabus, and so can be entirely covered within a short timeframe. Subjects with a specific curriculum enable students to prepare for the UPSC Exam with much ease.

Availability of Study Material

The availability of study material plays a major role in deciding the optional subject for the UPSC Mains. An efficient set of study materials is always beneficial for aspiring civil servants. However, it is not an easy task to find out a perfect series of study material amidst this colossal sea of training institutions in the country. Since, it is an intricate task to choose the correct optional subject for certain success; students should make sure that they have the right set of study material for IAS preparation.

Among several training institutions claiming to be the best, only a few appear to be legitimate. These institutions with their utter effort to help students with the best of resources, have always prepared students with a boost of confidence. With years of expertise, these institutions offer superior study material to ensure success of their students. Today, institutions like Unique Shiksha are making a mark with their unprecedented study material series, crafted with perfection by UPSC experts.

Background and Interest

It is evident that many students opt for the subject they’ve graduated in as their optional subject for UPSC. It really helps students in the preparation, as students are already familiar with the subject and need not have to study the subject right from the scratch. Aspiring students pursuing their graduation or masters can make use of this opportunity and focus more on the curriculum common to both the courses. Educational background and interest play an imperative role in selecting the right optional for UPSC. If we look back, it is clearly evident that people opting for obscure subjects have scored heavily due to their love and passion for the subject. So, it is always advisable that students choose the optional according to their interest and previous education.

A Scoring Subject

Students should always consider a subject that is scoring in nature. Subjects like Public Administration and Geography are popularly known as high scoring subjects and the success rate also seem to support their fame. Past years’ results depict that the average marks scored by candidates with Pub Ad is quite high compared to other optional subjects. Albeit this fact, it should not be the sole criteria for choosing the optional subject. Students need to be more rationale, while choosing the optional for a clear-cut success in the UPSC Exam.

Availability of Proper Guidance

Even though, this aspect is being mentioned at the last, yet its intensity of being a vital part in choosing the right optional is undeniable. Many times, it’s apparent that a student after selecting the optional subject fails to fulfill his or her dream of becoming a Civil Service Officer. Students should always choose the optional subject, after they have found the perfect guidance. There are a few institutions that offer proper guidance for students to achieve success. Unique Shiksha is one such name, which stand out with its excellent training module involving personal mentors for round the clock support and guidance.

Apart from the above factors, there are a few other things that a student must look out for while choosing the optional. The subject should excite a student, make him/her more curious about the subject matter, make him/her think out of the box and should make the student comfortable and confident. So, if you are aspiring to be a Civil Service Officer in the near future, be more focused on choosing the right optional subject for a perfect happy ending.