Geography: A Potential Subject to Crack the UPSC Exam

Choosing the right optional subject in the UPSC Exam is an archaic problem for aspiring civil servants. Although the number of optional papers have been reduced to just one, yet the confusion never seems to fade away. It’s a tricky task to choose one optional subject out of given 51 subjects (26 Literature and 25 Non Literature) for a definite success. So, it is extremely important for students to heed lot of attention towards selecting the appropriate optional subject. The scope of scoring, interest and background, easy to understand, yesteryears’ results and availability of study material are a few aspects, which need to be taken under consideration while choosing the optional. But in many cases, it has been apparent that students, even after choosing the right optional subject go haywire looking for a perfect guidance. Thanks to those premier IAS Training Institutions like Unique Shiksha, who with great effort help students to achieve their goals.

Geography is one of the most preferable optional subjects among IAS aspirants. Owing to its high scoring nature and definite curriculum, many students choose geography as their optional for the UPSC Mains Examination. Apart from being a great scoring subject, Geography has a tremendous influence on the General Studies Paper for both Prelims and Mains. If we observe yesteryears’ questions, it will be evident that most of the questions in Preliminary Examination were asked from Indian Geography. Moreover, being a dynamic subject, Geography has a lot of overlapping with many other subjects like Economics, Environment, Ecology and Conservation. So, we can say that choosing Geography over other subjects will definitely make a big impact on a student’s success in the UPSC Exam. A relevant subject for students belonging to diverse backgrounds, geography has proved to be a fruitful subject for many in past years. In 2015, Ira Singhal topped the exam with Geography as her optional subject. Even this year’s toppers list includes Saumya Pandey (Rank 4) and Shweta Chauhan (Rank 8), who chose Geography as their optional.

However, it is of sheer importance that students entirely apprehend the syllabus of the subject, in order to attain success. We can categorise the complete syllabus of geography in three broad segments, viz. Physical Geography, Indian Geography and World Geography. While the Prelims Syllabus contains Physical, Social and Economic Geography of India and the World, Mains Syllabus has a broader perspective including, Salient Features of Physical Geography of the World, Significant Geophysical Phenomena and Distribution of Natural Resources across the World. There are a few common topics, which are essential for both Prelims and Mains Exam. So, unlike other subjects, you need not have to prepare separately. However, the pattern of questions differs from each other. In the Mains Examination, questions are asked from a descriptive angle. And, so, students must have comprehensive knowledge about the topics of the subject. The right source to get an infallible study material can play a key role in deciding the destiny of an aspiring civil servant. Unique Shiksha, being a part of the oldest publisher for UPSC Books, can be considered as an embodiment for getting a perfect set of study material for UPSC preparation.

Although, Geography is one of the most popular optional subjects, yet it has its shortcomings too. The biggest problem is the immense competition, compared to other optional subjects. So, a student should be fully prepared to compete and win. There are a few institutions in the country, which stand out in preparing students with the right kind of attitude to crack the UPSC Examination. With a long legacy of preparing successful IAS aspirants, Unique Shiksha is one of them, which has been helping students to accomplish their dreams. With an impeccable infrastructure to train students in a perfect environment, the institution has proved to be the best IAS coaching institute in the country. The institute has a team of experts, who have enormous experience in the UPSC selection process and thus, train students with excellence for a clear-cut success. So, if you wish to become a civil servant, you should immediately approach Unique Shiksha and make your dream come true.