Unique Shiksha: Another Name of Success

28th April, 2018 was not a normal day for those, who aspire to join the Indian bureaucratic brigade. It was the day, when Indian Public Service Commission declared the results of the Civil Services Examination, 2017. This day also marked the success of UPSC training institutes that succeeded in shaping the dreams of hundreds of aspiring civil servants. Among the colossal lot of coaching institutes in the country, Unique Shiksha once again depicted its prowess in moulding the dreams of IAS aspirants in the country. With its unprecedented teaching methodology, the institute has been able to shine out with 6 toppers among the top 20. It has been calculated that more 150 students have qualified from the institute to become Indian Civil Services officers.

Unique Shiksha, ever since its inception, has always shown its proficiency in creating sterling Civil Services officers and this year was no exception. This year too, the institute is taking pride in its students, as they outshone others and entered the bureaucratic contingent they always wish to be a part of. Among the top 20, 3rd, 11th, 12th, 14th, 18th and 19th positions were held by students, who were a part of this top-notch training academy. Sachin Gupta (3rd), Siddarth Jain (11th), Ashima Mittal (12th), Neha Jain (14th) and Abhilasha Abhinav (18th) are the proud students of Unique Shiksha, who came out with flying colours in the coveted exam. Apart from them, there are more than 150 students out of 990 from Unique, who secured their place in the Indian Civil Services, proving the institute to be the best in the country. Owing to its success over the years, the institute has garnered the reputation of being the best UPSC training institute and has also been recognised at the Indian Education Awards for consecutive three years, i.e. 2016, 17 and 18.

To carry on the legacy, the institute has always walked a mile ahead and it is clearly evident in the outcome they provided. Moreover, being a part of the oldest educational book publisher in the country, Unique has the reputation of providing the best training in terms of UPSC examination. As the institution always comes up with innovative ideas to make the coaching more effective, they involve a lot of state-of-the-art teaching techniques like, seminars by industry experts and toppers, providing personal mentors, offering infallible study material kit and many more.

Come and be a part of Unique Shiksha and live your enduring dream of joining the Indian Civil Services.