Political Science: A Viable Subject to Prepare for UPSC

Political Science is widely classified into three categories, namely (1) Political Theory and Indian Politics, (2) Indian Government and Politics and (3) Comparative Politics and International Relations. While the Paper-1 covers the first two topics, the paper-2 carries questions from the later one. Under Political Theory and Indian Politics, topics like Political Theory, Theories of the State, Justice, Equality, Rights, Democracy, Concept of Power, Political Ideologies, Indian political Thought and Western Political Thought are included. If we look at the Indian Government and Politics part, topics such as, Indian Nationalism, Making of the Indian Constitution, Legacies of the British Rule, Salient Features of the Indian Constitution, Grassroots Democracy, Statutory Institutions/Commissions, Federalism, Party System and Social Movements are covered under the curriculum. Now, let us look at the last part of the syllabus, i.e. Comparative Politics and International Relations. This part includes topics like Comparative Politics, Study of State in Comparative Perspective, Politics of Participation and Representation, Globalisation, Approaches to the Study of International Relations, Key Concepts in International Relations, Changing International Political Order, Evolution of the International Economic System, United Nations, Regionalisation of World Politics, Contemporary Global Concerns, Relations of India with the World, Indian Foreign Policy, India’s Contribution to the Non – Alignment Movement, Recent Development in the Indian Foreign Policy etc. Looking at the syllabus, we can say that questions asked in the Political Science optional covers a huge number of topics that are not easy to cover in a short span of time. Students need proper planning to prepare for the subject, in order to cover the entire syllabus within a given time. They can approach institutions like Unique Shiksha, which offer excellent coaching to help students apprehend the subject with quite ease, within a specific time.

There are several innate advantages of choosing Political Science as the optional subject for the UPSC Mains Examination. For Indian Polity, being a significant segment in the UPSC Prelims Exam, students can integrate both the syllabuses of Prelims and Mains, and thereby save time for other subjects to prepare. Another major advantage of choosing Political Science as the optional is that it is not too technical in nature and thus, easy to comprehend. This aspect of the subject lures a number of aspiring UPSC candidates to opt for Political Science. Owing to this single reason, even students belonging to other backgrounds prefer Political Science as their optional. According to the new revised syllabus, only understanding of the concepts is needed to write better answers in the examination. So, students need not have to mug up facts and figures, in order to score well in the subject. Being an interrelated subject, the notions of many topics collide with each other. This helps students to prepare several topics in just one go. The subject also helps students with their current affairs preparation, as a lot of content of the subject is related to current affairs. Besides, topics like Governance, International Relations etc can be really useful for students in the interview round. So, we can say that choosing Political Science as the optional in the UPSC can prove to be a rewarding decision.

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