History: A Favourable Subject for UPSC Preparation

While preparing for UPSC, selecting the right optional subject is an age old problem for aspiring civil servants. Choosing a subject for a clear-cut success in the UPSC is never an easy task and many aspiring candidates fail due to the wrong selection of the optional subject. The 500 marks of the Optional Subject paper make a profound impact on the final result of a candidate. So, students need to think rationally before coming to any conclusion. Among 51 subjects (25 Non Literature and 26 Literature) given for selection, History is considered to be a rewarding subject by many. Owing to its contribution in the General Studies Papers (Prelims and Mains) and easy going nature, History is chosen as an optional subject by many aspiring civil servants. Although, History is considered to be a subject that needs least coaching, yet anyone opting for the subject should have a sound technical as well as objective approach towards the subject. It has been evident that many students find it difficult to fathom the right approach towards the subject and eventually fail in realising their dream of becoming a civil servant. To help those students, there are institutions like Unique Shiksha, which with sheer dedication make students ready to chase their dream.

There are many advantages, which make History a favourable subject for UPSC aspirants. The major benefit of the subject is that it is plain in nature compared to other optional subjects. It does not involve any typical theories, principles and doctrines. Due to the static nature of the subject, preparation of History doesn’t need regular updates like other optional as Pub Ad, Sociology etc. Being an interdependent subject, several topics of History are interrelated and so, candidates can get a fair idea about several topics by finishing just one. If we analyse the GS Papers, it is clearly evident that a huge amount of questions are related to topics on History as compared to other subjects. This point alone makes History a suitable subject as an optional for UPSC, as students can save a lot of time and allot those times to prepare other subjects. The UPSC syllabus for History Optional can be broadly categorised as History of India and the World. However, the lion share of the curriculum is from History of India and Indian National Movement. While the Paper-1 in the Mains Examinations carries questions from Ancient India and Medieval India, the Paper-2 covers Modern India and Modern World.

Despite all the benefits and being considered as an easy subject to prepare, answering History Optional in the UPSC Exams is not a walk in the park. A student should have a good conceptual clarity, developmental clarity and analytical ability to answer questions, in order to crack the toughest examination in the country. There are various institutions in the country, which have vowed to help students in preparing for the UPSC by clarifying all their doubts and queries. Unique Shiksha, being regarded as one of the most rewarding IAS Training Institutions in the country, has been helping IAS aspirants with their commendable training module. The institution in collaboration with UPSC Gurus, offer students the best of guidance by making students understand the entire subject with much comfort.
Choosing History as the optional subject for UPSC can prove to be prolific for many aspirants, yet it is highly advisable that students should only opt for the subject if they have a passion for it. One should have the zeal to go deeper into the subject, as to crack the UPSC Exam a student must have unblemished knowledge of the subject. Unlike subjects related to Science, in History a lot of things need proper elucidation to clarify the topics. There are a few IAS Training Institutions in the country, which can be regarded as the guiding light for many aspiring Civil Service Officers of tomorrow. These institutions with the help of UPSC Experts help students to eradicate any doubt regarding the subject. Unique Shiksha is one such name, which has proved to be a successful dream bearer for many aspiring candidates. With a team of domain experts, the institution has a perfect environment to train students for the forthcoming battle called the UPSC Exam. So, if you have a dream of becoming a civil servant and want to choose History as your optional, go for it. Unique Shiksha is there to help you with all the possible guidance to make you understand the subject with a holistic approach.