Pub Ad: The Subject with Enormous Benefits in the UPSC Preparation

Students preparing for the UPSC have to go through various crucial stages during the process. One such critical phase is choosing the appropriate optional subject for the Mains Examination. Several factors such as, the scoring nature of the subject, availability of study material, interest and background of the student etc. need to be taken under consideration, while selecting the optional subject. Students must take the decision with optimum precision, so that they don’t regret later. Amidst the list of subjects given for selection, Public Administration is considered to be the most popular optional subject among UPSC aspirants. In 2012, almost 50% of the candidates opted for Pub Ad as their optional subject. Due to its reputation as a good scoring subject and its profound presence in the General Studies Syllabus, many aspiring candidates find Public Administration apposite to be their optional subject for the UPSC Mains Examination. It has been visible that students with Pub Ad as their optional have brighter prospects to become a Civil Service Officer. Nevertheless, to do well and score in the subject, one needs to go beyond the general content and gain precise knowledge about the subject matter. Institutions like Unique Shiksha can help students get to the root of the subject and attain absolute knowledge of the topics involved.

Public Administration is regarded as an easy subject among others, which makes it more lucrative for aspiring candidates. Compared to other optional subjects, questions in Pub Ad are quite straight forward and thus, create a good scoring possibility. Analysing the question papers of past years, we can say that almost 60% of the General Studies Curriculum is based on this subject. So, it becomes extremely feasible for students to choose Pub Ad as their optional for better prospects. Moreover, the subject also helps students in their Essay Paper and more importantly, in the IAS Interview, where most of the questions are based on Public Administration. Candidates with Public Administration as their optional can leverage the subject’s potential to become a competent Civil Service Officer. The subject imparts basic knowledge about the government mechanism, which helps students to become proficient government administrators of tomorrow.

The UPSC syllabus for Pub Ad consists of Administrative Theory and Indian Administration. In Paper-1, under Administrative Theory, topics such as Introduction to Administrative Theory, Administrative Thought, Administrative Behaviour, Organisations, Accountability and Control, Administrative Law, Comparative Public Administration, Development Dynamics, Personal Administration, Public Policy, Techniques of Administrative Improvement and Financial Administration are included, in order to give students an overall gist of Public Administration theories and principles. While the Paper-2 carries questions based on Evolution of Indian Administration, Philosophical and Constitutional Framework of Government, Public Sector Undertakings, Union Government and Administration, State Government and Administration, District Administration since Independence, Plans and Priorities, Civil Services, Financial Management, Administrative Reforms since Independence, Rural Development, Urban Local Government, Law and Order Administration and Significant Issues in Indian Administration. This paper makes students aware of the Indian Administrative System. So, it implies that Public Administration is meant to give candidates a sense of administrative system in the country and the world as a whole, which helps students in the long run as administrative officers.

Despite the advantages, the subject has a few detriments. The subject may not intrigue students belonging to Science background, as Public Administration is mostly based on theories. Another shortcoming of this subject is that there is a massive competition, as most of the aspiring candidates choose Pub Ad as their optional subject. Institutions like Unique Shiksha have the ability to provide students a leading edge to compete the race to become a Civil Service Officer. Unique Shiksha, in order to maintain its reputation, offer students guidance with the best of resources available. Owing to its alliance with the oldest publisher for UPSC Books, the course material given by this institution is regarded as the epitome of knowledge for UPSC preparation. The institution has a team UPSC Experts, who have immense knowledge about the Civil Services Examination selection process. These domain experts help students with all the doubts and queries they have during the preparation. With the help of their excellent study material and efficient training techniques, a candidate can surely hope for success in the UPSC Examination. So, if you are an IAS aspirant and want to clear the coveted exam with élan, join Unique Shiksha and let the world know of your potential.

Political Science: A Viable Subject to Prepare for UPSC

Political Science is widely classified into three categories, namely (1) Political Theory and Indian Politics, (2) Indian Government and Politics and (3) Comparative Politics and International Relations. While the Paper-1 covers the first two topics, the paper-2 carries questions from the later one. Under Political Theory and Indian Politics, topics like Political Theory, Theories of the State, Justice, Equality, Rights, Democracy, Concept of Power, Political Ideologies, Indian political Thought and Western Political Thought are included. If we look at the Indian Government and Politics part, topics such as, Indian Nationalism, Making of the Indian Constitution, Legacies of the British Rule, Salient Features of the Indian Constitution, Grassroots Democracy, Statutory Institutions/Commissions, Federalism, Party System and Social Movements are covered under the curriculum. Now, let us look at the last part of the syllabus, i.e. Comparative Politics and International Relations. This part includes topics like Comparative Politics, Study of State in Comparative Perspective, Politics of Participation and Representation, Globalisation, Approaches to the Study of International Relations, Key Concepts in International Relations, Changing International Political Order, Evolution of the International Economic System, United Nations, Regionalisation of World Politics, Contemporary Global Concerns, Relations of India with the World, Indian Foreign Policy, India’s Contribution to the Non – Alignment Movement, Recent Development in the Indian Foreign Policy etc. Looking at the syllabus, we can say that questions asked in the Political Science optional covers a huge number of topics that are not easy to cover in a short span of time. Students need proper planning to prepare for the subject, in order to cover the entire syllabus within a given time. They can approach institutions like Unique Shiksha, which offer excellent coaching to help students apprehend the subject with quite ease, within a specific time.

There are several innate advantages of choosing Political Science as the optional subject for the UPSC Mains Examination. For Indian Polity, being a significant segment in the UPSC Prelims Exam, students can integrate both the syllabuses of Prelims and Mains, and thereby save time for other subjects to prepare. Another major advantage of choosing Political Science as the optional is that it is not too technical in nature and thus, easy to comprehend. This aspect of the subject lures a number of aspiring UPSC candidates to opt for Political Science. Owing to this single reason, even students belonging to other backgrounds prefer Political Science as their optional. According to the new revised syllabus, only understanding of the concepts is needed to write better answers in the examination. So, students need not have to mug up facts and figures, in order to score well in the subject. Being an interrelated subject, the notions of many topics collide with each other. This helps students to prepare several topics in just one go. The subject also helps students with their current affairs preparation, as a lot of content of the subject is related to current affairs. Besides, topics like Governance, International Relations etc can be really useful for students in the interview round. So, we can say that choosing Political Science as the optional in the UPSC can prove to be a rewarding decision.

However, without proper course material and guidance, it is not an easy task to score enough marks to secure a place in the Civil Service Officers list. Unique Shiksha, being a part of the oldest publisher for UPSC books, offers incredible set of study materials, which is considered to be the most sought after series in the country. The institution has a team of UPSC gurus, who are known for their excellence in their respective domains. With unmatched study material and teaching techniques, Unique Shiksha proves to be the best IAS coaching institute. So, if you want to join the brigade of successful UPSC aspirants, join Unique Shiksha and rejoice the reward.

History: A Favourable Subject for UPSC Preparation

While preparing for UPSC, selecting the right optional subject is an age old problem for aspiring civil servants. Choosing a subject for a clear-cut success in the UPSC is never an easy task and many aspiring candidates fail due to the wrong selection of the optional subject. The 500 marks of the Optional Subject paper make a profound impact on the final result of a candidate. So, students need to think rationally before coming to any conclusion. Among 51 subjects (25 Non Literature and 26 Literature) given for selection, History is considered to be a rewarding subject by many. Owing to its contribution in the General Studies Papers (Prelims and Mains) and easy going nature, History is chosen as an optional subject by many aspiring civil servants. Although, History is considered to be a subject that needs least coaching, yet anyone opting for the subject should have a sound technical as well as objective approach towards the subject. It has been evident that many students find it difficult to fathom the right approach towards the subject and eventually fail in realising their dream of becoming a civil servant. To help those students, there are institutions like Unique Shiksha, which with sheer dedication make students ready to chase their dream.

There are many advantages, which make History a favourable subject for UPSC aspirants. The major benefit of the subject is that it is plain in nature compared to other optional subjects. It does not involve any typical theories, principles and doctrines. Due to the static nature of the subject, preparation of History doesn’t need regular updates like other optional as Pub Ad, Sociology etc. Being an interdependent subject, several topics of History are interrelated and so, candidates can get a fair idea about several topics by finishing just one. If we analyse the GS Papers, it is clearly evident that a huge amount of questions are related to topics on History as compared to other subjects. This point alone makes History a suitable subject as an optional for UPSC, as students can save a lot of time and allot those times to prepare other subjects. The UPSC syllabus for History Optional can be broadly categorised as History of India and the World. However, the lion share of the curriculum is from History of India and Indian National Movement. While the Paper-1 in the Mains Examinations carries questions from Ancient India and Medieval India, the Paper-2 covers Modern India and Modern World.

Despite all the benefits and being considered as an easy subject to prepare, answering History Optional in the UPSC Exams is not a walk in the park. A student should have a good conceptual clarity, developmental clarity and analytical ability to answer questions, in order to crack the toughest examination in the country. There are various institutions in the country, which have vowed to help students in preparing for the UPSC by clarifying all their doubts and queries. Unique Shiksha, being regarded as one of the most rewarding IAS Training Institutions in the country, has been helping IAS aspirants with their commendable training module. The institution in collaboration with UPSC Gurus, offer students the best of guidance by making students understand the entire subject with much comfort.
Choosing History as the optional subject for UPSC can prove to be prolific for many aspirants, yet it is highly advisable that students should only opt for the subject if they have a passion for it. One should have the zeal to go deeper into the subject, as to crack the UPSC Exam a student must have unblemished knowledge of the subject. Unlike subjects related to Science, in History a lot of things need proper elucidation to clarify the topics. There are a few IAS Training Institutions in the country, which can be regarded as the guiding light for many aspiring Civil Service Officers of tomorrow. These institutions with the help of UPSC Experts help students to eradicate any doubt regarding the subject. Unique Shiksha is one such name, which has proved to be a successful dream bearer for many aspiring candidates. With a team of domain experts, the institution has a perfect environment to train students for the forthcoming battle called the UPSC Exam. So, if you have a dream of becoming a civil servant and want to choose History as your optional, go for it. Unique Shiksha is there to help you with all the possible guidance to make you understand the subject with a holistic approach.

Geography: A Potential Subject to Crack the UPSC Exam

Choosing the right optional subject in the UPSC Exam is an archaic problem for aspiring civil servants. Although the number of optional papers have been reduced to just one, yet the confusion never seems to fade away. It’s a tricky task to choose one optional subject out of given 51 subjects (26 Literature and 25 Non Literature) for a definite success. So, it is extremely important for students to heed lot of attention towards selecting the appropriate optional subject. The scope of scoring, interest and background, easy to understand, yesteryears’ results and availability of study material are a few aspects, which need to be taken under consideration while choosing the optional. But in many cases, it has been apparent that students, even after choosing the right optional subject go haywire looking for a perfect guidance. Thanks to those premier IAS Training Institutions like Unique Shiksha, who with great effort help students to achieve their goals.

Geography is one of the most preferable optional subjects among IAS aspirants. Owing to its high scoring nature and definite curriculum, many students choose geography as their optional for the UPSC Mains Examination. Apart from being a great scoring subject, Geography has a tremendous influence on the General Studies Paper for both Prelims and Mains. If we observe yesteryears’ questions, it will be evident that most of the questions in Preliminary Examination were asked from Indian Geography. Moreover, being a dynamic subject, Geography has a lot of overlapping with many other subjects like Economics, Environment, Ecology and Conservation. So, we can say that choosing Geography over other subjects will definitely make a big impact on a student’s success in the UPSC Exam. A relevant subject for students belonging to diverse backgrounds, geography has proved to be a fruitful subject for many in past years. In 2015, Ira Singhal topped the exam with Geography as her optional subject. Even this year’s toppers list includes Saumya Pandey (Rank 4) and Shweta Chauhan (Rank 8), who chose Geography as their optional.

However, it is of sheer importance that students entirely apprehend the syllabus of the subject, in order to attain success. We can categorise the complete syllabus of geography in three broad segments, viz. Physical Geography, Indian Geography and World Geography. While the Prelims Syllabus contains Physical, Social and Economic Geography of India and the World, Mains Syllabus has a broader perspective including, Salient Features of Physical Geography of the World, Significant Geophysical Phenomena and Distribution of Natural Resources across the World. There are a few common topics, which are essential for both Prelims and Mains Exam. So, unlike other subjects, you need not have to prepare separately. However, the pattern of questions differs from each other. In the Mains Examination, questions are asked from a descriptive angle. And, so, students must have comprehensive knowledge about the topics of the subject. The right source to get an infallible study material can play a key role in deciding the destiny of an aspiring civil servant. Unique Shiksha, being a part of the oldest publisher for UPSC Books, can be considered as an embodiment for getting a perfect set of study material for UPSC preparation.

Although, Geography is one of the most popular optional subjects, yet it has its shortcomings too. The biggest problem is the immense competition, compared to other optional subjects. So, a student should be fully prepared to compete and win. There are a few institutions in the country, which stand out in preparing students with the right kind of attitude to crack the UPSC Examination. With a long legacy of preparing successful IAS aspirants, Unique Shiksha is one of them, which has been helping students to accomplish their dreams. With an impeccable infrastructure to train students in a perfect environment, the institution has proved to be the best IAS coaching institute in the country. The institute has a team of experts, who have enormous experience in the UPSC selection process and thus, train students with excellence for a clear-cut success. So, if you wish to become a civil servant, you should immediately approach Unique Shiksha and make your dream come true.

Choosing the Optional Subject the Right Way

Choosing the optional subject for UPSC is considered to be an enigmatic problem by most of the aspiring civil servants. This timeworn dilemma has made many students face obstacle in cracking the UPSC Examination. Although, the optional paper only carries 500 marks out of 2025, yet its significance as a deciding factor in the final result cannot be curbed. So, students should consider a few aspects before making any decision. Let us go through these aspects and get a clear idea.

Subjects with Defined Syllabus

Students, while opting for the optional subject, should look for subjects that have a specific curriculum for the UPSC Examination. Subjects like Geography and Pub Ad have a defined syllabus, and so can be entirely covered within a short timeframe. Subjects with a specific curriculum enable students to prepare for the UPSC Exam with much ease.

Availability of Study Material

The availability of study material plays a major role in deciding the optional subject for the UPSC Mains. An efficient set of study materials is always beneficial for aspiring civil servants. However, it is not an easy task to find out a perfect series of study material amidst this colossal sea of training institutions in the country. Since, it is an intricate task to choose the correct optional subject for certain success; students should make sure that they have the right set of study material for IAS preparation.

Among several training institutions claiming to be the best, only a few appear to be legitimate. These institutions with their utter effort to help students with the best of resources, have always prepared students with a boost of confidence. With years of expertise, these institutions offer superior study material to ensure success of their students. Today, institutions like Unique Shiksha are making a mark with their unprecedented study material series, crafted with perfection by UPSC experts.

Background and Interest

It is evident that many students opt for the subject they’ve graduated in as their optional subject for UPSC. It really helps students in the preparation, as students are already familiar with the subject and need not have to study the subject right from the scratch. Aspiring students pursuing their graduation or masters can make use of this opportunity and focus more on the curriculum common to both the courses. Educational background and interest play an imperative role in selecting the right optional for UPSC. If we look back, it is clearly evident that people opting for obscure subjects have scored heavily due to their love and passion for the subject. So, it is always advisable that students choose the optional according to their interest and previous education.

A Scoring Subject

Students should always consider a subject that is scoring in nature. Subjects like Public Administration and Geography are popularly known as high scoring subjects and the success rate also seem to support their fame. Past years’ results depict that the average marks scored by candidates with Pub Ad is quite high compared to other optional subjects. Albeit this fact, it should not be the sole criteria for choosing the optional subject. Students need to be more rationale, while choosing the optional for a clear-cut success in the UPSC Exam.

Availability of Proper Guidance

Even though, this aspect is being mentioned at the last, yet its intensity of being a vital part in choosing the right optional is undeniable. Many times, it’s apparent that a student after selecting the optional subject fails to fulfill his or her dream of becoming a Civil Service Officer. Students should always choose the optional subject, after they have found the perfect guidance. There are a few institutions that offer proper guidance for students to achieve success. Unique Shiksha is one such name, which stand out with its excellent training module involving personal mentors for round the clock support and guidance.

Apart from the above factors, there are a few other things that a student must look out for while choosing the optional. The subject should excite a student, make him/her more curious about the subject matter, make him/her think out of the box and should make the student comfortable and confident. So, if you are aspiring to be a Civil Service Officer in the near future, be more focused on choosing the right optional subject for a perfect happy ending.